Sep 30

ShellShock – CloudFlare article

Cloudflare has a really good article on how people are using the ShellShock vulnerability. I have to admit that when I first looked at this, I couldn’t really think of how it would be useful. But after reading this article, I’m glad that I updated my servers.

Aug 13

Updated Dubstep Playlist

Just added a few songs to my dubstep playlist on spotify.

May 04

Sorry you can’t come


I wanted to bring my puppies to New Jersey but the hotel doesn’t allow pets.

Mar 28

MailBox App

Just waiting in line! I can’t wait to get this new app. I hear from everyone online that it is amazing. Tekzilla had a segment on it recently. Based on the reviews on Revision3 I’m betting I’m going to like this app. It has the normal features like deleting and making folders. But the coolest …

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Mar 28

Run PHP scripts as daemons


I have been messing around with Tiny Tiny RSS ever since Google announced that they are ending Google Reader. I want Tiny Tiny RSS to automatically update the feeds for me, without the need for me to update them manually. That way when I login I always have the most current feeds. While reading the wiki on how …

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Feb 24

New InfiniteWP feature!

Are you sure

With the new update in Infinitewp (Full review coming soon) now it asks you “Are you sure?” when you click update. It may do it other places and I haven’t found them yet.

Jan 27

Puppy likes his bone


Jan 14

Puppies fall asleep just about anywhere

2012-12-31 18.11.50

Jan 11

Build a Backup MX server

I run a in-house Exchange server for all my email needs. Every once and a while the server that is running all the VMs (Virtual Machines) freezes up. It requires me to restart the server and after that it works fine for the longest time. But when it does go down some of my email …

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Dec 28

RamNode OpenVZ Review

So far I have tried 3 VPS providers and I’ll be writing a review on each of them. RamNode was my Third and most favorite host I have used. They offer two kinds of hosting OpenVZ or KVM. You can chooses a pure SSD plan or a cached SSD plan. I have a 128MB, 512MB, …

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