Monthly Archive: May 2011

May 11

Charlessite90 Radio Is Online

The Charlessite90 Radio station is back online. The radio stations play various genres. If you want to play it you can find a player on the side bar. Please note if you play it from the side bar and you change pages the player will stop, Click on the blue title to open a popup …

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May 10

Gage Making His First Radio Station

Well my one friend gage decided to make his own radio station over at If you want to check it out you can find it here, or you just check it out below. My first radio show on Spreaker

May 09

CSI: Season 11 Episode 1

Well even though Justin was not in this video for very long he still did a good job. Well at least in my opinion he did. [mediaplayer src=’’ thumb=’’ ]

May 09

Escalation Trailer

They did a good job making the trailer for the new Black Ops map pack. Check it out below. [mediaplayer src=’’ thumb=’’ ]

May 03

Playing zombies for the first time

Check out this video of me and my friend playing zombies on the new map “Call of the Dead”

May 02


As some of you may know I love hak5 from revision3. Check them out at or you can watch the latest episode right on charlessite90 here.