September 2011 archive

WP Greet Box

  Have you ever seen this image to the right? Or something like it? Ever wanted to know what it is? Or how to get it? WP Greet Box: This plugins displays a different welcome depending on the referral url. If there is no referral url you can set to display a default welcome message. This plugin …

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Filezilla (Server and Client)

Filezilla is one of the best ftp clients I have ever used. For one thing its simple to use, easy to install, doesn’t take much resources (Memory, and Processor Power), and many other things. Filezilla client runs on almost any platform at least the three main ones (Windows, Linux, Mac). Filezilla is almost like any explorer window …

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Evernote “Remember Everything”

Are you looking for a way to keep track of things? Make good notes? Or share notes with friends? Well evernote might be the program for you. Evernote is one of the best programs I use to take notes, keep track of files, and share attachments. Evernote is easy to use. If you can use …

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