Amazon Cloud Player


New from amazon is the Amazon cloud player. Cloud player is one of the best web services I have used for music. Cloud player is easy to use and always available. Amazon cloud player gives you 5gb for free for you to store your mp3’s. When you sign up for cloud player you also get a cloud drive. You may notice when you upload files to cloud drive your music will appear in the music folder of your cloud drive. You could also upload to your music folder. Amazon cloud player comes with a free program to easy find and upload all your mp3s and your play list files.


Amazon cloud player does not have a app for ios devices but you can go to the website and play music in your browser. However you can get a app for android powered devices. While I can’t use the app because I don’t have a android phone but it does have a rating of 3.8.


You only get 5 gb but that still can store a lot of music. The storage works like this, when you upload files from your computer it counts toward the storage limit. MP3 Purchased from the amazon mp3 store does not count toward your limit. When you buy music from the store you have 2 options.  Download the mp3 to your computer or have amazon place it into your cloud drive which can be played in cloud player. You then can download the music to your computer from cloud player or cloud drive. Amazon does offer storage plans to increase your storage limit. These plans come in year packages and are available in 20, 50, 100, 200 ,500, or 1000 gb plans. Each plans costs the same as the limit so it comes to $1 a gig

These are just some of the features from cloud player, go try it yourself.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Amazon’s Description

Amazon allows you to securely store your entire digital music collection using Amazon Cloud Drive and play it on any Mac, PC, or Android device using Amazon Cloud Player. Any new Amazon MP3 Store purchases can be saved directly to your Amazon Cloud Drive for free. You can also upload your existing music library to Amazon Cloud Drive so you have all your music in one place, accessible from anywhere.

All new Amazon Cloud Drive accounts are given 5GB of free storage for uploading content. Additional storage is available for an annual fee. See theAmazon Cloud Drive settings page for more information on special offers and pricing for larger storage solutions. All Amazon MP3 purchases saved directly to your Cloud Drive are stored for free and don’t count against your storage limits.