Evernote “Remember Everything”

Are you looking for a way to keep track of things? Make good notes? Or share notes with friends? Well evernote might be the program for you. Evernote is one of the best programs I use to take notes, keep track of files, and share attachments. Evernote is easy to use. If you can use word you can use evernote. Just click new note and start typing. Give it a name and your done. Features: Share Notebooks Set source url Tags Search Notes Sync with iPhone, iPad, Online, Mac, Android, Blackberry, Palm, Windows Phone 7 and many more. Export to onenote and much more. Sync: Evernote syncs with evernote.com using a secure connection. You will need to sign up for a evernote.com account to use evernote. For a free user you get 60 MB of storage. Which is more than enough for just notes but if you can fill this up easily by adding photos and attachments. If you ever need more room you can upgrade your account to a pro account for $45 a year and get 1gb a month instead of just 60 MB. Pro:Evernote Premium cost $5 a month or $45 a year. Pro gives you larger upload space, more file types supported, top priority support, and advanced collaboration. If your a big note taker then evernote pro would a good thing for you.


Even though I have only used the iPhone app the app are very well designed. Basically you can find notes, create notes, tags, and notebooks, you can even search for stuff. If the apps for the android, black berry, palm are anything like the app for ios. It’s a perfect choice for anyone looking to get organized.


Evernote does not limit the size of anyone account but they do limit the amount added every month. If you have just a free account you can add up to 60 MB per month. Just notes take up only a couple kb so the limit is mainly for attachments. If you need to be able to add more the  60 MB per month you can buy a pro account for $45 a year, so if you take a lot of pictures or use word documents $45 a year might not be a bad idea.

Clip (Remember):

While this feature is mostly for web designers or website owners. Its a nice tool to add to any website. Seeing that evernote is becoming more and more popular. Clipping a webpage is there way of adding it to your notebook. To add it to your website its as simple as adding a javascript. Evernote makes it easy to get the code just visit their download page and click site memory. Once there click get started, that will take you to the builder page which you can customize the button to your liking. Or if you running WordPress its as simple as installing a plugin.