Griffon Roller Coaster Burch Gardens


Griffon roller coaster is located at busch gardens in Williamsburg Virginia. Although I don’t ride roller coaster because of the “What Ifs” it is one of the most unique coaster I have every seen. The one thing I have never seen a roller coaster do before is go through water. Or just go inches above the water and shot water in the air. Mostly for the visual effect, not to get the people wet.

Wikipedia Description: 

Griffon is a Bolliger & Mabillard diving machine roller coaster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. On opening, it was the tallest of it’s kind in the world at 205 feet (62 m). Griffon originally had two other potential names — “IronEagle” and “Voltare” — before Busch Gardens decided on the name “Griffon”Griffonhas notably replaced The LeMans Raceway, one of the park’s original rides. Griffon was announced on August 23, 2006 and became the fourth diving machine coaster to be built worldwide, and the second constructed in the United States.

Video of water effects:

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Front Row Seat on-ride widescreen POV:

Major Ride Brake Down:

Basically the ride was hit by a runaway 25 foot balloon. Which caused the ride to get stuck at the top of the hill. Rescue crews had to take people off the ride. (If you want to read more you can find that below)

WILLIAMSBURG — The five people injured aboard The Griffon roller coaster Thursday night at Busch Gardens have been released from the hospital.

They were hit by a runaway 25-foot balloon, according to Busch Gardens spokesman Kevin Crossett.

The passengers’ injuries included sore necks and backs and everyone was able to walk off the ride on their own, he said.

Crews were attempting to deflate a balloon, described as a prop, prior to a storm when winds picked it up and carried it into the path of the train.

The ride, which was shut down after the incident, underwent maintenance checks and resume operation a little after noon Friday.

All four balloons have been removed from the France area of the park while Busch Gardens investigates what it’s calling a “weather-related incident.”

The balloons have been at the park since June when they were installed for “Illuminights.”

Despite storms in the area, the coaster’s wind alarm had not activated so the ride was still running Thursday.

Crews are to shut down Griffon when the alarm registers winds of 40 mph.

It was not raining and there was not lightning visible at the time, Crossett stated.

“Everyone acted admirably and in the interests of the guests,” Crossett said. “We are pleased with the response.”

The rest of the theme park remained open.



Location Busch Gardens Williamsburg
Park section Aquitaine (France)
Coordinates 37°14′3.5″N76°30′50.8″WCoordinates: 37°14′3.5″N 76°30′50.8″W
Status Operating
Opened May 18, 2007
Cost $15,600,000 USD
Type Steel – Diving Machine –Floorless
Manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard
Model Floorless Diving Machine
Lift/launch system Chain Lift
Height 205 ft (62 m)
Drop 205 ft (62 m)
Length 3,108 ft (947 m)
Max speed 71 mph (114 km/h)
Inversions 2
Duration 3:00
Max vertical angle 90°
Capacity 1,400 riders per hour
Max G force 4Gs
Height restriction 4 ft 6 in (137 cm)