RadioShack 4-Channel Mixer with Sound Effects

This mixer is a very nice mixer. I used this for a school video project that required the use of some wireless microphones. I needed a way to mix them so I picked this up at RadioShack. Works great, the blue leds in the sliders make this look even cooler. With the built in EQ you can fine tune that sound just the way you need it. The level meeter ties this all together. The only thing you should be able to disable the fader switch but other than that it’s a good product.

Product Rating: 8 out of 10

My Set Up:

RadioShack’s Description:

Spice up live performances or enhance your DJ skills with this 4-channel effect mixer. With it you can combine sounds from up to four audio input sources, such as microphone for live performances, a CD player, tuner, turntable or DVD player for pre-recorded music. You can even add one of six different digital sound effects (laser, machine gun, tron, siren, emergency and UFO) at the touch of a button to give your performance just the right edge. It also features a built-in 7-band equalizer that lets you customize the sound to your exact specifications. The channel controls are illuminated so you can see them in low-light conditions and it’s rack-mountable so you can easily slide it into your sound system with the rest of your equipment. With this mixer, the number of sound combinations you can create is almost limitless.

  • Incorporate sound effects and combine up to 4 audio sources
  • Choose from 6 digital sound effects: laser, machine gun, tron, siren, emergency and UFO
  • Easily integrates with amplifiers, speaker and microphones to simplify setup
  • Slide-action channel faders give you complete control over your sound
  • Rack-mountable so you can easily slide it into your sound system with the rest of your equipment
  • Features echo with variable delay, repeat and level controls
  • Blue illuminated channel and master volume controls so you can use it in low-light conditions
  • Individual rotary controls for Mic 1, Mic 2, bass and treble so you have full control of your sound
  • Dual-color LED level display
  • Assignable A/B cross-fader and user-replaceable cross-fader
  • Top-mounted 12V BNC connector for adding a gooseneck lamp (not included)