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Wolframalpha is not your typical search engine. Actually it’s not a search engine at all it’s a knowledge engine. Basically all you have to do is place a question or anything in the box and click enter. For example if you search google it will give you everything about google the finacial entity. You can also tell …

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Mobile WebApp

Charlessite90 now has it’s own app. Well webapp for most devices. The app was created with conduit mobile. Conduit mobile is the most easy to use program I have ever used. Basically all you have to do is add rss feeds, youtube channels, facebook pages, twitter accounts and your basically done. You can also add text fields …

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Are We Running Out of IP Addresses? The American Registry of Internet Numbers at CES 2012

We just found The Internet at CES! Hear all about the details of ARIN, the American Registry of Internet Numbers, the original organization that keeps track of every IP address. Darren discusses the transition to IPv6 since the number of IPv4 address is fixed, and we are indeed running out. Let’s just NAT everything! ———– …

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Waterproof Your Gadgets Without a Case! HzO at CES 2012 – Hak5

Now this is cool.   HzO has developed a completely unique waterproofing system that works without a big bulky case. With this coating for your electronics, they will continue to work even when submerged in up to 3 feet of water. Waterproof Your Gadgets Without a Case! HzO at CES 2012 – Hak5.