March 2012 archive

Just found a new show

I found a new show called Pioneer One. The show starts out by a object from space falls out of the sky and crashes. A homeland security agent is dispatched to check it out. After feather investigation it was a forgotten old soviet space craft. The Story to me sounds good but it is a low budget …

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Just got a Kindle

I just got (ordered) the kindle touch 3g. I love my iPad with the Kindle app but sometimes it’s just not feasible to bring that with me. The iPad is just far to expensive for something to happen to it. From what I can see with other people they love there kindles and E-reader. I have also …

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Get a Technology Profile with Builtwith

Just found this cool website this morning. It’s called this website creates a technology profile for any website that you lookup. The website does not generate a new profile every time you search it generates one and then it updates it after a month. This website give you everything you wanted to know about a website and …

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Turn Your Friends into Fairies

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Windows 8 Consumer Preview is here. Not a developer edition a preview. So basically this is what it is going to look like. Windows 8 looks cool with its new metro interface, and it look like it would work great on a tablet with a full touch screen. I don’t know how well this will …

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