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Dell XPS One 27 Rocks! Download Facebook Photos, HDTV Wiimote LG LM6200, Seagate Backup Plus, Thunderbolt vs. USB 2.0, GeekDad Day, Hungry Riders!

I kinda want one of these dell computers. They are small powerful, and you don’t need to have a tower at your feet. Click Post to watch video

Using text-only web browser Lynx to visit some of today’s top websites

Who would use a text only browser? I know I wouldn’t.   Do you use Lynx? If so, you’re one of a rather small minority that use the text-only web browser, which predates even the world wide web. Although it is still perfectly usable for most websites, the lack of graphics makes Lynx less than …

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Sony DSC-WX100 takes some nice pictures

After using a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-WX100 and seeing how well this camera takes pictures I think I like it. I’m thinking I’m going to get one of these cameras when I get the chance. The weird thing is that I can’t find it on the web at all. I do know that the person that the camera belongs …

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I wish I would have had this before

I wish I would have had this button before. After installing Exchange 2010 SP2 I found a new button on the exchange console. It’s the “Reset Virtual Directories”. I wish I would have had this button before. earlier I messed up my OWA directory. I don’t know what I did to it. After installing the SP2 …

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Looking for some technology background music?

Are you looking for some technology based background music, that is free? Check out pronobozo’s website. He creates music that can be used in your productions. Now you are free to share the music but you can’t sell it or the work that it is in.  I have included a snapshot of his website to …

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