Monthly Archive: July 2012

Jul 31

How dynamic DNS works, And who I would choose for my DNS needs.

Dynamic DNS can be very useful. You can use it to host your website on your own servers. That’s where parts of my website come from. Currently I use No-Ip for my dynamic DNS needs. The service works great, its simple to use and very effective. My ISP is verizon fios and all though my …

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Jul 22

Microsoft Office 2013 Preview is here

[notice]Webcast Video Below Is On AutoPlay[/notice] Just a few days ago microsoft release the Office 365 Home Premium Preview. When you signup for it you can install the office package on 5 machines. If you don’t want the Office 365 you can get the programs separately. Now my first impressions of the new office are …

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Jul 20

Check out these animated GIFs

I’m not sure why you make these but they are cool to look at. Something tells me that these were not the easiest to make. I say that because in the photos with the towers spinning the distance from the camera is always the same and they are moving perfectly around the object. I would probably never …

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Jul 19

Cinemagraphs: Almost like animated GIFs but a little different

If you haven’t seen them you should. They are called Cinemagraphs. They are almost like animated GIFs, well they are GIFs but in normal animated GIFs you have  a series of photos. These are made form video files. The main difference is that usually in animated GIFs the entire photos or objects move. Well in Cinemagraphs only …

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Jul 16

Chrome for iPad

So chrome for iPad and iPhone came out not that long ago. I found out about a day or 2 after the initial release. I have been waiting for this for a long time. Safari wasn’t a bad browser but it’s not my favorite. Chrome in my opinion is way better than safari.   For the speed of the browser …

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