August 2012 archive

Googles Official URL Shortener

While I was browsing the web today I stumbled across a new link I was wondering who this shortener belongs to. I had a feeling it belonged to google and I was right. is googles official short URL. It is only used by google. Unlike which is open to everyone. About …

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Turning off SSL Security

I have decided that I’m turning off SSL security for my website. The reason being it a little to expensive to maintain a site with SSL. First off at least with my web host you have to have a dedicated IP for your website in order to give the web server an SSL cert. The second thing is that SSL certificates …

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Amazon Instant Video now on iPad

A couple of days ago Amazon released an app for their Instant Video service for the iPad. Before you couldn’t play Amazon Instant Videos on your iPad. With this app now you can, there is one thing the app checks for is if your device is jail broken. If you try to play a video on …

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Mythbusters: Fall 2012 Preview

Watch the trailer for the Fall season of Mythbusters. Personally I can’t wait for the new season. The trailer has some interesting stuff in it that I want to see. (Watch It Below)

Make Use Of – Best Linux Distros website has created a list of the best Linux Distros, let me say they made a good list. They have taken the distros and categorized them into different groups based on what the OS is designed for like General Use, Enterprise, For Mac & Windows Users, and Commercial there is a few more but I just listed …

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Got New Puppies

I just got two new puppies. Names lucky and lance, they are a Bichon Frisé and they are about 15 weeks old. (Blue = Lance & Red = Lucky)