Amazon Cloudfront via W3 Total Cache is working

For the longest time I was trying to get this plugin to work (W3 Total Cache). I mainly wanted the caching of pages and the Amazon S3 and Cloudfront integration. When I first tried to set up the CDN distribution. I would get an error saying request timestamp is too skewed. I tried everything to make this work changing my system time, changing wordpress time, time zones are the same everything I could. But I couldn’t figure out why I was getting this error. Well I decied to try the plugin on my development site and everything was working fine. The first time no errors or anything. I then said to myself that something with my Webspace (That’s what calls it) was messed. So I created a new webspace. Installed a fresh install of wordpress, imported my posts, uploaded my photos and stuff, and installed the plugins again. I then tried to set up amazon and everything worked great. Now the load times on my Charlessite90 have gotten a lot better. I still don’t know why it wasn’t working right but hey it’s working now.