Amazon Instant Video now on iPad

A couple of days ago Amazon released an app for their Instant Video service for the iPad. Before you couldn’t play Amazon Instant Videos on your iPad. With this app now you can, there is one thing the app checks for is if your device is jail broken. If you try to play a video on a jail broken iPad you will get this error (Warning Playback is not allowed on this device.) Screen shot to the right.

When you first install and run the app. It’s going you to the login screen. Here you can log into your amazon account. Once you log into your account you get a welcome message. The welcome message tells you about what amazon prime gets you and how you can download purchased and rented shows to your iPad for offline access.

Now for the restriction on the jailbroken devices. There is a way around that. All you have to do is install a simple free app from the cydia store called xCon. That will trick the amazon app and many others into thinking the device is not jailbroken.


Screen Shots:


Sign in Screen

Welcome Message

First Screen

Video failing to play because device is jailbroken

Video Menu

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