Chrome for iPad

So chrome for iPad and iPhone came out not that long ago. I found out about a day or 2 after the initial release. I have been waiting for this for a long time. Safari wasn’t a bad browser but it’s not my favorite. Chrome in my opinion is way better than safari.


For the speed of the browser its is really good. Now some people are saying it is slower than safari because it does not use the nitro engine that safari does. This is because Apple restricts the use of it nitro engine for safari only. So for now safari will be a little faster.


The features of chrome are pretty good. Your bookmarks and recent websites are synced. Unlike safari the settings are easy to get to just click settings from the menu and you can change who is signed in, your search engine, if you want to save passwords or not, and some other under the hood things. There is a few things that chrome can do and safari can’t like search with your voice and request the desktop version of a site. The last thing I want to say is you have access to the Incognito tab just like the desktop version.


Screen Shots: