Crashplan is a program that offers many features. Crashplan comes in free and paid versions. The free version lets you backup to local media, such as a folder, another hard drive, or another computer on your network. You can also backup to a friends computer. The paid or plus addition lets you backup to the cloud, set backup sets, and continuous backup.

Wikipedia Description:

CrashPlan is backup software that allows Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris users to back up their data to an offsite data center, computers belonging to friends and family, as well as to attached drives / shared folders. There is a free version (for non-datacenter backups) and CrashPlan+ which is for backing up to CrashPlan’s servers. Both versions allow users to back up data automatically. Files are encrypted using 448-bit Blowfish (128-bit with the free version) encryption for CrashPlan+ before transmission.

CrashPlan+ users can access their files stored online with free iOS and Android applications. As updates occur to files, changes are tracked automatically and updated with a simple gesture.

I have been using Crashplan for a while now, so far I like it. I only have the free version but it works great. I have my laptop backing up to my Windows Server. All my files are encrypted before I back them up. So even if I’m backing up to a friend I can rest easy knowing my files are safe.

Below you will find the pricing. It ranges from $69.99 for 4 years and you get 10GB of space. To unlimited for $139.99 for 4 years.