Dropbox: Still my favorite

I have been using Dropbox for a while now and even though other companies have introducted their own versions. I continue to use dropbox. Now I haven’t purchased a Dropbox plan yet, I’m happy with the 8.4GB I got from completing stuff and referring people to them. If I do run out of space I might consider to upgrade my dropbox to dropbox pro.

For me the price is just not right. Especially when other companies have way lower prices. Take google and their Google Drive for example. Right of the bat they give you 5GB for free. Plus any document stored in the google docs format doesn’t count toward your quota.

Take a look at the two prices. You can see that google does offer you the better deal. But are they really the better option to go with .

Prices between Dropbox and Google Drive. (Click to enlarge)

Dropbox plans are terrible but its still a dollar a GB with them. I would like to see that price come down before I go pro with them. They do offer “Packrat” which lets you have unlimited undo history. Meaning you can undelete or get old versions of files.


Google is offering 25GB for $2.49 a month for there storage with is less than 10 cents per GB. Plus you extra storage for your gmail. Not like you’ll ever have 25GB in emails.


I have tried rolling my own but so far there isn’t anything that can compare with dropbox. At least for free or low cost anyway. The one I tried is owncloud they offer an enterprise version and a free opensource option for everyone else. Which in my opinion is how every product should be. The web interface is nice, it has a few bugs but nothing major. The main problem for me is that the syncing clients need some work (a lot of work). One thing I see you can’t have more than one client syncing with the same folder. It is also not recommended that you sync to the root folder as it can and will cause problems like syncing conflicts.

I don’t see dropbox coming down in prices. Seeing that most people choose to stay and come to dropbox. Just because they are the leader in cloud syncing. And there is a reason for that. Dropbox’s simplicity is why I like them. Everything just works, the web interface is simple in design but yet has a ton of features. The clients work as they should and they do it fast. Along with the mobile clients. They have apps for everything, Windows, MAC, Linux, iOS, Andriod and many others.

For now I will stay with dropbox.