Get a Technology Profile with Builtwith

Charlessite90 Technology ProfileJust found this cool website this morning. It’s called this website creates a technology profile for any website that you lookup. The website does not generate a new profile every time you search it generates one and then it updates it after a month.

This website give you everything you wanted to know about a website and then some. Not only do you get what kind of webserver software they use you also get what operating systems is running on the machine.

When you lookup a website the first thing you usually get is the server information. Things like is it apache on linux or IIS from microsoft. Stuff like that. For my website which you can see on the left (Click on image to zoom) you get content management. Which i’m using wordpress and nothing which it is. You also get information on what framworks it uses, CDN networks, Advertising, Tracking, Javascript, Widgets, Document Information and much more.

The Website also has a plugin for Google Chrome. The plugin allow to look the profile of the website your currently viewing. I have tried this and it is nice being able to look up the website right there.

The last main feature that I wan’t to point out. It gives you a link for there SEO Profile for the website. This website gives you details about the response time, Metadata, Page Keywords, Images, Domain Redirect, and shared on social networks. There is some features that require you to upgrade to pro but the free stuff give a lot.