Love Plex New Web Interface.

The Plex team completely redesigned the Plex interface. They have now introduced a Web Interface and integrated it into the Media Manager into a new beautiful interface.

They announced they would have a web-client a while ago, but it would only be available to people with a PlexPass. They said it would be coming to everyone PlexPass or not soon. And now it is, it’s available to everyone. It’s been around for a couple of weeks now but I wanted to try it out before posting about it.

I am very impressed with it. Every function you may need is right there. The web player just works you click a video in your library and the video loads in HD. All they need now is a download button so I can download the file to the computer I’m working on. It should be able to download the original file or an trans-coded version.

I recently got the PlexPass mainly because it Plex is an amazing peace of software. It’s my favorite media manager. They have a client for just about every platform, It just works. I also love the remote they have included into the mobile applications.

About a week ago I had my laptop connected to a projector in the living room. The Lid was shut and no keyboard and mouse was connected. I needed a way to control the Plex Client so I could pause the Movie without disturbing the computer. I remembered I saw a remote button on the iPhone client so I opened the app and clicked remote. Right away I was presented with all the functions of the remote.  The strange thing was it didn’t ask for any connection info or anything. I didn’t think it would work but I tried it anyway. I pushed to pause button and the movie on the screen paused. I was amazed and Plex just got better than it was before. Built in remote functions on the mobile clients that just work. No configuration needed.


Screenshot4 Screenshot5 Screenshot6 Screenshot7 Screenshot8 Screenshot9 Screenshot10 Screenshot11 Screenshot3 Screenshot2 Screenshot1