Mobile WebApp

Charlessite90 now has it’s own app. Well webapp for most devices. The app was created with conduit mobile. Conduit mobile is the most easy to use program I have ever used. Basically all you have to do is add rss feeds, youtube channels, facebook pages, twitter accounts and your basically done. You can also add text fields and custom modules using their APIs.


The App edit page is supper easy to use. Click and drag modules make the interface the easiest to use. Top lets you add or remove modules as well as edit them. To the left of the screen you get a preview on what the app will look like on many different platforms. From iPhone and iPad, Andriod, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and even Bada. You can also get a preview of things in landscape view. Although this brings up a floating window on top of the screen. When you scroll down you can change the app name and header image. The theme which includes app icon, style, background, and language. Next down is the color scheme and navigation. The last thing you can do is enable advertisements. Though they say you can make money from this I have choose to disable these because I think it looks nicer without ads. Screen shots can be found below.


App HomeApp deployment could not be easier. The interface is also clean and easy to use. It gives you step by step instructions on how to setup each app for the different markets. Although i’m not using the apple app store or any other stores because I just don’t have the funds to make it happen. Since app wants $100 a year for a developer account. The web app which is available for any app free is just as good as the native app. I can also be installed to the home-screen on ios devices. It looks just like the real app and it takes away the safari bars. That’s for iOS devices for the andriods out there they have something different. Since andriod lets you install app without the market when you open the url of the app in the browser you can either download and install the app from them or visit the mobile site. For the other platforms I haven’t used them before so your just going to have to find that yourself.

There is so much more that this has to offer but the last thing that I want to point out is the promote features. What this does is it gives you different ways to promote you app. From Sharing on Twitter or Facebook. Redirecting from website to mobile or generating a QR code. There is still so much to say like sending Push Notifications to users to analytics. So go check it out for yourself.