MailBox App

2013-03-18 18.31.52Just waiting in line! I can’t wait to get this new app. I hear from everyone online that it is amazing. Tekzilla had a segment on it recently. Based on the reviews on Revision3 I’m betting I’m going to like this app.

It has the normal features like deleting and making folders. But the coolest feature is the snoozes. You can have it remind you later today, tomorrow, in a week, a month, custom date, or someday. The someday option I’m told is around 3 months later, and you will get a push notification about the reminder and the email will show up in your mailbox like a new email.

Based on some screenshots it gives your mailbox a more texting feel. In which I like. Even when you send an email its in a texting style.

I’ll post a update when I get the app.





Screenshots (From Press Kit)