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I want this for my Video intros

I want this for my video intro. You can check it out here. I like videohive, everything people sell on there is very professionally made. You can find just about anything you want on there. I suggest you check it out you. You may find something you didn’t know you wanted.  

Verizon restoring service to Lower Manhattan

TED: Kevin Allocca – Why videos go viral


Crashplan is a program that offers many features. Crashplan comes in free and paid versions. The free version lets you backup to local media, such as a folder, another hard drive, or another computer on your network. You can also backup to a friends computer. The paid or plus addition lets you backup to the cloud, set …

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Amazon Route 53 has some fast DNS

My current DNS that is apart of the hosting package can take anywhere from 1-12 hours to update the DNS servers of changes I made. On the other hand Amazon Route 53 changes are reflected within 60 seconds. Now I call that fast DNS. I am thinking of changing my DNS to them for all …

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GeForce GTX PhysX: Borderlands 2

PhysX by nvidia looks amazing with borderlands two. I’m not much of a PC gamer because I use the xbox 360. But this looks amazing. To see what I’m talking about see the trailer below. It shows the difference with and without PhysX. Watch in 1080p if your computer will run it..

Dropbox: Still my favorite

I have been using Dropbox for a while now and even though other companies have introducted their own versions. I continue to use dropbox. Now I haven’t purchased a Dropbox plan yet, I’m happy with the 8.4GB I got from completing stuff and referring people to them. If I do run out of space I might consider to upgrade my dropbox …

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This smartthings hub looks nice but will it work well enough to make it worth it. It sounds really nice, auto turning on lights when you get home. Turning off the lights when you leave and locking down the house by locking all doors and possibly windows when no one is detected in the home. It’s kinda …

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Useful or creepy?

While trying to find my IP address on my favorite IP lookup website there is a tool on their website named “More info about you”. Being who I am I was curious and wanted to see what it new about me. I have already known that it could determine you location based on IP …

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