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ShellShock – CloudFlare article

Cloudflare has a really good article on how people are using the ShellShock vulnerability. I have to admit that when I first looked at this, I couldn’t really think of how it would be useful. But after reading this article, I’m glad that I updated my servers.

New Amazon S3 Look

I logged into the Amazon AWS console the other day, and what I found when I opened the S3 browser was a new panel. Its nothing too special, its just cleaner and nicer looking. Function wise nothing has changed it still has every function you would need. It just looks nicer, I like the new …

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Love Plex New Web Interface.

The Plex team completely redesigned the Plex interface. They have now introduced a Web Interface and integrated it into the Media Manager into a new beautiful interface. They announced they would have a web-client a while ago, but it would only be available to people with a PlexPass. They said it would be coming to everyone PlexPass or not soon. And now it is, it’s …

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Big Step Forward For Verizon Fios

I love the new verizon fios app. Now I can watch live tv on my iPad. Although the channel selection is limited and I am surprised ABC and channels like that aren’t available on it. But hey It’s new and there can only be more to come. Now I want to be able to stream my recorded shows …

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There is no new facebook Guidlines

You may have seen the following in someone’s Facebook post. Just to let everyone know that there is no new guidelines  Experts say posting this has no effect on anything. Plus your photos are your photos. The Huffing-ton Post did a article on this which can be found here. In response to the new Facebook guidelines I hereby declare that …

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Happy Labor Day!

Turning off SSL Security

I have decided that I’m turning off SSL security for my website. The reason being it a little to expensive to maintain a site with SSL. First off at least with my web host you have to have a dedicated IP for your website in order to give the web server an SSL cert. The second thing is that SSL certificates …

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Amazon Instant Video now on iPad

A couple of days ago Amazon released an app for their Instant Video service for the iPad. Before you couldn’t play Amazon Instant Videos on your iPad. With this app now you can, there is one thing the app checks for is if your device is jail broken. If you try to play a video on …

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Mythbusters: Fall 2012 Preview

Watch the trailer for the Fall season of Mythbusters. Personally I can’t wait for the new season. The trailer has some interesting stuff in it that I want to see. (Watch It Below)

Got New Puppies

I just got two new puppies. Names lucky and lance, they are a Bichon Frisé and they are about 15 weeks old. (Blue = Lance & Red = Lucky)