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Run PHP scripts as daemons

I have been messing around with Tiny Tiny RSS ever since Google announced that they are ending Google Reader. I want Tiny Tiny RSS to automatically update the feeds for me, without the need for me to update them manually. That way when I login I always have the most current feeds. While reading the wiki on how …

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Amazon Route 53 has some fast DNS

My current DNS that is apart of the hosting package can take anywhere from 1-12 hours to update the DNS servers of changes I made. On the other hand Amazon Route 53 changes are reflected within 60 seconds. Now I call that fast DNS. I am thinking of changing my DNS to them for all …

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Dropbox: Still my favorite

I have been using Dropbox for a while now and even though other companies have introducted their own versions. I continue to use dropbox. Now I haven’t purchased a Dropbox plan yet, I’m happy with the 8.4GB I got from completing stuff and referring people to them. If I do run out of space I might consider to upgrade my dropbox …

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View the world in old timely maps

Now you can see the world (or at least a map of it) as it looked like way back then. Check out the screen below.

Desktop Remote for Roku Media Player

Looking for a remote for the roku, that runs on the PC or MAC. Well will let you do just that. This free web app lets you control multiple Rokus from the browser.   The website is easy to use and setup. The first thing you do when you go to the site. Is scan your network …

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Wolframalpha is not your typical search engine. Actually it’s not a search engine at all it’s a knowledge engine. Basically all you have to do is place a question or anything in the box and click enter. For example if you search google it will give you everything about google the finacial entity. You can also tell …

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Mobile WebApp

Charlessite90 now has it’s own app. Well webapp for most devices. The app was created with conduit mobile. Conduit mobile is the most easy to use program I have ever used. Basically all you have to do is add rss feeds, youtube channels, facebook pages, twitter accounts and your basically done. You can also add text fields …

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Adito VPN

Adito VPN based upon ssl-explorer adito has had many names. First it was ssl-explorer owned and operated by 3SP Ltd until Barracuda Networks acquired them. Adito vpn is no longer being developed which is a shame. Adito was then acquired by OpenVPN which they named it to OpenVPN ALS. OpenVPN ALS is a direct decedent of Adito which Adito was …

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Google Docs

Google docs similar to Microsoft Office and their Office 365 on Skydrive, But this is googles version. Google Docs is free to use, although you only get 1gb of storage thats only for non google docs file formats. Example would be a pdf file for adobe. Microsoft word documents and documents created on google docs …

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Evernote “Remember Everything”

Are you looking for a way to keep track of things? Make good notes? Or share notes with friends? Well evernote might be the program for you. Evernote is one of the best programs I use to take notes, keep track of files, and share attachments. Evernote is easy to use. If you can use …

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