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 JSFiddle is one of the most useful websites for web design and testing. This website lets you test new code, find errors or bug, and more. It gives you a place to add Javascripts, CSS, and HTML. When your all done coding it will run it and give you the end result. When your done you …

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Down or not

What to know if one of the services you use is down or not? Well try this website can tell you if a website is down or up. It checks the website with many different servers from multiple locations. This website is usually correct but sometimes it can be wrong. The only thing is the website only does certain …

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Amazon Cloud Player

New from amazon is the Amazon cloud player. Cloud player is one of the best web services I have used for music. Cloud player is easy to use and always available. Amazon cloud player gives you 5gb for free for you to store your mp3’s. When you sign up for cloud player you also get a …

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