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Chrome for iPad

So chrome for iPad and iPhone came out not that long ago. I found out about a day or 2 after the initial release. I have been waiting for this for a long time. Safari wasn’t a bad browser but it’s not my favorite. Chrome in my opinion is way better than safari.   For the speed of the browser …

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I So want to make one of these

The Mythbusters Made a Whoosh Rocket. It looks very simple to build and it would hurt anyone. So I want to build one.

Griffon Roller Coaster Burch Gardens

  Griffon roller coaster is located at busch gardens in Williamsburg Virginia. Although I don’t ride roller coaster because of the “What Ifs” it is one of the most unique coaster I have every seen. The one thing I have never seen a roller coaster do before is go through water. Or just go inches above …

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