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Puppies love my Grandmothers backyard

This is my favorite Christmas 2012 commercial

I want this for my Video intros

I want this for my video intro. You can check it out here. I like videohive, everything people sell on there is very professionally made. You can find just about anything you want on there. I suggest you check it out you. You may find something you didn’t know you wanted.  

Verizon restoring service to Lower Manhattan

TED: Kevin Allocca – Why videos go viral

Mythbusters: Fall 2012 Preview

Watch the trailer for the Fall season of Mythbusters. Personally I can’t wait for the new season. The trailer has some interesting stuff in it that I want to see. (Watch It Below)

Check out these animated GIFs

I’m not sure why you make these but they are cool to look at. Something tells me that these were not the easiest to make. I say that because in the photos with the towers spinning the distance from the camera is always the same and they are moving perfectly around the object. I would probably never …

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Cinemagraphs: Almost like animated GIFs but a little different

If you haven’t seen them you should. They are called Cinemagraphs. They are almost like animated GIFs, well they are GIFs but in normal animated GIFs you have  a series of photos. These are made form video files. The main difference is that usually in animated GIFs the entire photos or objects move. Well in Cinemagraphs only …

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Dell XPS One 27 Rocks! Download Facebook Photos, HDTV Wiimote LG LM6200, Seagate Backup Plus, Thunderbolt vs. USB 2.0, GeekDad Day, Hungry Riders!

I kinda want one of these dell computers. They are small powerful, and you don’t need to have a tower at your feet. Click Post to watch video

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