Category: Development

Amazon Cloudfront via W3 Total Cache is working

For the longest time I was trying to get this plugin to work (W3 Total Cache). I mainly wanted the caching of pages and the Amazon S3 and Cloudfront integration. When I first tried to set up the CDN distribution. I would get an error saying request timestamp is too skewed. I tried everything to …

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Mobile WebApp

Charlessite90 now has it’s own app. Well webapp for most devices. The app was created with conduit mobile. Conduit mobile is the most easy to use program I have ever used. Basically all you have to do is add rss feeds, youtube channels, facebook pages, twitter accounts and your basically done. You can also add text fields …

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 JSFiddle is one of the most useful websites for web design and testing. This website lets you test new code, find errors or bug, and more. It gives you a place to add Javascripts, CSS, and HTML. When your all done coding it will run it and give you the end result. When your done you …

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