Spotify Save Button

Working on a project of mine, I needed a Spotify save button. Spotify does provide a follow button that you can embed into your site or project. But for this I needed a save button, that I could use to trigger a JQuery action to save a song using the api. So I used the follow …

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Tinkernut – Make A Complete Website From Scratch

Tinkernut (Daniel Davis) is doing a video series on how to make a website from scratch. Tinkernuts videos are very well made easy to follow and understand. The series can be found on his website or his youtube channel. I will also be posting the videos on here.   Make A Complete Website From Scratch …

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 JSFiddle is one of the most useful websites for web design and testing. This website lets you test new code, find errors or bug, and more. It gives you a place to add Javascripts, CSS, and HTML. When your all done coding it will run it and give you the end result. When your done you …

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