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Crashplan is a program that offers many features. Crashplan comes in free and paid versions. The free version lets you backup to local media, such as a folder, another hard drive, or another computer on your network. You can also backup to a friends computer. The paid or plus addition lets you backup to the cloud, set …

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Filezilla (Server and Client)

Filezilla is one of the best ftp clients I have ever used. For one thing its simple to use, easy to install, doesn’t take much resources (Memory, and Processor Power), and many other things. Filezilla client runs on almost any platform at least the three main ones (Windows, Linux, Mac). Filezilla is almost like any explorer window …

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Virtualbox in my opinion is the best virtualization software. I have tried other software like VMware workstation it was nice but I always came back to virtualbox. Something about it just always bring me back to it. Its easy to use runs just about anything. Can create virtual networks or just run vm to test out software. Wikipedia’s Description: Oracle …

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