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New Amazon S3 Look

I logged into the Amazon AWS console the other day, and what I found when I opened the S3 browser was a new panel. Its nothing too special, its just cleaner and nicer looking. Function wise nothing has changed it still has every function you would need. It just looks nicer, I like the new …

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Love Plex New Web Interface.

The Plex team completely redesigned the Plex interface. They have now introduced a Web Interface and integrated it into the Media Manager into a new beautiful interface. They announced they would have a web-client a while ago, but it would only be available to people with a PlexPass. They said it would be coming to everyone PlexPass or not soon. And now it is, it’s …

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There is no new facebook Guidlines

You may have seen the following in someone’s Facebook post. Just to let everyone know that there is no new guidelines  Experts say posting this has no effect on anything. Plus your photos are your photos. The Huffing-ton Post did a article on this which can be found here. In response to the new Facebook guidelines I hereby declare that …

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Got New Puppies

I just got two new puppies. Names lucky and lance, they are a Bichon Frisé and they are about 15 weeks old. (Blue = Lance & Red = Lucky)    

New Radio Page

If you haven’t seen already the Charlessite90 radio has a new page. You can find that on the sidebar by clicking “Recent song history” or going to http://www.radio.charlessite90.com. Here you can find the recent songs, find buy links, and request songs to be played. You can even dedicate the song. But as always you can …

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