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Big Step Forward For Verizon Fios

I love the new verizon fios app. Now I can watch live tv on my iPad. Although the channel selection is limited and I am surprised ABC and channels like that aren’t available on it. But hey It’s new and there can only be more to come. Now I want to be able to stream my recorded shows …

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Just found a new show

I found a new show called Pioneer One. The show starts out by a object from space falls out of the sky and crashes. A homeland security agent is dispatched to check it out. After feather investigation it was a forgotten old soviet space craft. The Story to me sounds good but it is a low budget …

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Desktop Remote for Roku Media Player

Looking for a remote for the roku, that runs on the PC or MAC. Well remoku.tv will let you do just that. This free web app lets you control multiple Rokus from the browser.   The website is easy to use and setup. The first thing you do when you go to the site. Is scan your network …

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