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WP Gitlab

Using the WP Github plugin as a base, I modified it to create WP Gitlab, WP Gitlab is a plugin that allows to embed information from you public profile on your Gitlab server on your wordpress blog. You can see the profile widget in action to the right of the screen. The plugin does have …

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Get a Technology Profile with Builtwith

Just found this cool website this morning. It’s called builtwith.com this website creates a technology profile for any website that you lookup. The website does not generate a new profile every time you search it generates one and then it updates it after a month. This website give you everything you wanted to know about a website and …

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Amazon Cloudfront via W3 Total Cache is working

For the longest time I was trying to get this plugin to work (W3 Total Cache). I mainly wanted the caching of pages and the Amazon S3 and Cloudfront integration. When I first tried to set up the CDN distribution. I would get an error saying request timestamp is too skewed. I tried everything to …

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Weblog Tools Collection: WordPress Theme Releases for 11/1

Some of the newer themes look pretty nice. But I still like the theme that I use. But they still look really cool. WordPress Planet Magazzino is a minimalist professional theme with sidebar and footer widgets. REProsumer is a 3-column widgetized theme.   via Weblog Tools Collection: WordPress Theme Releases for 11/1.

WP Greet Box

  Have you ever seen this image to the right? Or something like it? Ever wanted to know what it is? Or how to get it? WP Greet Box: This plugins displays a different welcome depending on the referral url. If there is no referral url you can set to display a default welcome message. This plugin …

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WordPress Recommended Plugins

This is a document from Docstoc that shows the plugins every wordpress powered website should have.   [docstoc docId=”16609349″ mId=”7262078″ width=”600″ height=”550″ slideMode=”false” showRelatedDocs=”true” showOtherDocs=”true” allowdownload=”true” url=”http://www.docstoc.com/docs/16609349/WordPress-Plugins”]WordPress Plugins[/docstoc]